About Datatriever

Datatriever is all about company related data.
Country specific trade registers are the backbone of all the data. In addition we collect data from hundreds of sources and use machine learning to maintain high data quality. We are also constantly on a lookout for new data sources. Datatriever is primarily a technology company putting weight on automated data gathering and data quality with robust handling and delivery to the customers. We in Datatriever trust that high quality data and good service will sell itself.

Data just the way you want it

You have your technical stack and we get it so lets make things easy!
We make every effort to make the integration as easy as possible.
Your system, your specifications!
We take care of the rest.
P.S. No onboarding fees

Standard and custom Rest API's delivered just the way you want it with High Availability setup. JSON or XML format available

Bulk data; CSV, Excel, JSON or maybe MongoDB dump? We deliver it the way you want it for easy integration daily/weekly/monthly/you decide

Webhooks and push notificatios if you decide that time is money

Batteries included: Documentation and support included of course. We wouldn't have it any other way

Open website to showcase selected data coming soon. Stay tuned!

Covered data

Main data categories and features

Trade registers

Adding more trade registers all the time. Mostly open but proprietary too. Major focus on standardised schema


Country specific classifications plus converted NACE/ISIN available. Multiple languages supported

Location data

Addresses WGS84 geocoded. Sometimes also office location data. In future geospatial queries with additional filters

Public notices & records

Public notices and other records


Marketcourt and other data whereas available. Also data about the sectors that are subject to license

Internet precense

Domains, social media, web technologies, ISP, IP, AS, DNS, etc data gathered

Financial data

Financial and head count data whereas available. Taxation data also collected when possible

IPR data

Patent, trademark, design; Collecting data from EUIPO, WIPO and USPTO

Press releases and news

We collect press releases and news. Various news feeds are also collected and mapped to companies

Procurement data

Procurement and tender data collected from many sources already

Partnership data

We combine data from strategic partners

Your data

Send us information what data you would like to see. We will build the automation free of charge!

... Just one more thing... we also keep the historical data (SCD type3)

Use cases?

Data is the new oil and we have plenty of it

Marketing & Sales - Fetch, refresh and enrich customer data on CRM & ERP systems. Also ad campaign datasets - just define the parameters/filters and we deliver. We provide very comprehensive range of parameters such as ISPs, cloud providers, technology stack, news monitoring, new registry markings (IPR, domain, licenses, etc) and so many more

Financial systems - Early signs of credit problems and company checks for legal requirements such as Act on Contractor’s Obligations and Liability (tilaajavastuulaki in Finland)

Competitor intelligence - Get notified of your competitors changes. Just define what type of notifications and how you want them delivered

Countries covered so far

Update intervals and limitations

Country Realtime querying
from trade register
Data history (SCD3) Full dataset refreshed

Full Weekly

Full Weekly


Full Weekly

Full Bi-weekly


Full Daily


Full Daily


Full Daily

(overseas areas included)


Full Monthly




Full Daily

Full Weekly
New Zealand


Full Weekly


Full Daily

Priced per query


United Kingdom

(Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Full Monthly

... And more countries added constantly

Why buy?

Isn't this open data?
Yes, it may seem trivial but you have been warned - it's far from it

Source data schema & delivery method changes happen all the time. We do the heavy lifting for you and maintain & monitor the imports and integrations for you. Our data schema stays the same

Getting data from hundreds of sources, maintaining high quality data and enriching data with additional data is not a small thing. Datatriever system currently consists of ~50 servers located on four datacenters on two continents. Maintaining code base, server orchestration, task monitoring, etc are a huge job. We have everything automated

Paper work is a pain. Unfortunately most of the data sources, even the open ones, require some paperwork. We have you covered

Proprietary data is expensive. We can take the burden off and finance the costs. Economics of scale you know